Scholarship Process


So, you’ve received your scholarship award letter. Congratulations! Please read the information on this page to ensure you understand what comes next in the process.

What Happens Next?

  1. Please be aware that all contracts and exchange of documents will be electronic. Any faxed documents will result in a delay processing your information.

  2. We will double check verification of your eligibility. We may ask you to provide additional information.

  3. You will receive your contract from Adobe Sign in your email inbox—please watch for it. Follow the directions for providing your signature. We will notify you when we’ve obtained all necessary signatures, and you will have the ability to print the signed contract.

  4. Once we have received your signed contract, you may register for classes.

  5. After you have registered, it is important that we receive the following documents* from you:

  6. Signed Degree Plan from your advisor

    Course schedule including your student ID

    Billing statement or invoice showing the amount due to the college

    *You will receive an email with a unique link to a folder where you can upload these documents. Please upload all documents at the same time to prevent a delay in processing.

  7. If you qualify for reimbursement* for state testing or books, you will need to submit a completed W-9 and the itemized receipt. You will use the same unique link previously provided to upload these documents.*Please be aware that it may take up to 30 days to process a reimbursement.